Some animals are more equal than others.

Are you having a good day so far?  Well, I’m about to ruin it.  Strap in, because you’re probably going to be spitting nails in a minute.

What a crock of shit.


Would you like to earn $400,000 a year?  Of course you would – money is awesome, and the more money you earn the more you can spend on cool shit.  Well, just imagine how happy Alameda County Administrator Susan Muranishi must be: the woman is pulling down a cool $400 grand a year – and she’ll continue to do so even after she retires.  Now I’m not going to say that she hasn’t earned a pension – she’s a 30 year veteran of public service – but the thing is that Alameda County has a three million projected deficit for this year alone.

Did it occur to the rest of the people in charge of Alameda County that, hey, maybe their huge budget deficit might be due to the fact that they’re paying their public servants way too much god damned money?  Not only that, but how can Ms. Muranishi in good faith collect such a weighty sum with nothing but I can only assume is a wink and a giggle?  Furthermore, how have the residents of Alameda County not risen up as one in revolt?

Warning: don't try this at home.  Or go ahead - no skin off my nose.

Crack open a hot one.

This kind of behavior among public servants and elected officials is not only completely financially irresponsible but demonstrates a complete and utter lack of respect for their constituents and their office.  Ms Muranishi’s salary is being paid in no small part by taxpayer contributions to Alameda County, and apparently there’s not one iota of guilt running through this woman’s body.  It’s situations like this that turn completely sane and law-abiding citizens into the kinds of people that  start building large Molotov Cocktail collections in their garages.

Where is the accountability?  More than that, where’s the shame?  Why are the ruling classes in this country rewarding themselves at the expense of everyone else?  It’s sickening, and there’s absolutely no excuse, justification, or rationalization for paying the head of any organization massive sums of cash while that organization is so far into the red that you can’t perceive the color with the naked eye anymore.

Smug bastard.

Because fuck the poor.

I’m not wishing harm on Ms Muranishi and her family, nor do I bear her any personal ill will.  However, she should be absolutely ashamed of herself for willingly taking such a massive salary while Alameda County is $3 million in the hole – public servants are supposed to serve the public, not their own need for a $400,000 golden parachute.


2 thoughts on “Some animals are more equal than others.

  1. Let us all turn our hymnals to brother Ali…

    Welcome to the united snakes, Land of the thief, home of the slave, grand imperial guard where the dollar is sacred and power is god…

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