No plan ever survives contact with the enemy.

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley.

– Robert Burns, To a Mouse

I kind of accidentally became a father this weekend.  Well, “accidentally” might bring up the wrong connotations here; this was coming eventually – everyone knew it – I just wasn’t expecting it to happen in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania!

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Curtain call.

About this time last year I attended Legacy, a live-action role playing game held at the Faire Play campsite in Montrose and run by several of my friends , for the first time.   As a long-time roleplayer but LARPing virgin, I expressed my fears at trying something new; as the season progressed I found that I enjoyed it quite a bit, despite the cold and wet and sometimes terrible “That Guy” roleplayers that I would encounter.  Legacy’s inaugural season ended in November of last year the weekend before my wedding, and I was eager for April to roll around once more in order to go back.

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Die Reichswagen Uber Alles!

I saw a black Volkswagen Golf on the road today.  It had a complete blackout kit – including a custom jet black Wokwagen logo on the hatchback – and the windows were tinted darker than a Nazi SS officer’s uniform.  However, the icing on the cake was its license plate, which proudly read BLTZKRG.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: I encountered Die Reichswagen on the way to a doctor’s appointment.

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It can’t be any worse than Superman Returns.

When it comes to superhero movies, I tend to have questionable taste.  No, I don’t think that Batman & Robin is a cinematic masterpiece – I’m not that bad – but I was the only one among all my friends who actually enjoyed that first Hulk movie directed by Ang Lee.  On top of that, the Bryan Singer-directed Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh was a pretty bad as well but I have to admit enjoying it; for all my supposed education sometimes I just like superhero movies, even if they’re bad.  I draw the line at the Ghost Rider and Green Lantern movies, though; I have standards, even if they’re low ones.

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Putting things into perspective.

I’m not going to sit here and argue that the recent Boston Marathon bombing wasn’t that bad.  3 people are dead, more than 150 wounded – many of which were injured so severely that they have lost limbs – no one can possibly say that the attack wasn’t a tragic, horrific occurrence.  At the same time, things could have been much, much worse – and we need to thank our lucky stars for that.

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The cruellest month.

I deserve this.

Happy birthday, asshole.

I hate April.  I have for years.  This week only solidifies how much fear and loathing I experience every calendar year when this bastard month rolls around; it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even enjoy my birthday any more, considering I share it with Adolph Hitler of all people.

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