It can’t be any worse than Superman Returns.

When it comes to superhero movies, I tend to have questionable taste.  No, I don’t think that Batman & Robin is a cinematic masterpiece – I’m not that bad – but I was the only one among all my friends who actually enjoyed that first Hulk movie directed by Ang Lee.  On top of that, the Bryan Singer-directed Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh was a pretty bad as well but I have to admit enjoying it; for all my supposed education sometimes I just like superhero movies, even if they’re bad.  I draw the line at the Ghost Rider and Green Lantern movies, though; I have standards, even if they’re low ones.

There’s just something about Superman, though.  Sure he’s competely overpowered and he’s a bit of a dimbulb when you compare him to heroes like Batman, there’s something inspirational about the Last Son of Krypton that gets me every time. Growing up in the 80’s, Superman to me was Christopher Reeve, even as the original Superman movies peaked with Superman II and went downhill from there.  I think Brandon Routh’s more-than-passing resemblance to Reeve is the main reason I enjoyed Superman Returns so much, though it’s not really something you can build an entire movie around.  The newest actor to play Superman, Henry Cavill in the upcoming Man of Steel, doesn’t look a thing like either Routh or Reeve save for a strong jaw, but I can’t help but think he’s going to make a pretty good Superman himself:

Pretty exiting stuff.  I’m going to stay open-minded and give this one a chance when it comes out later this year.  What do you think – is Man of Steel going to fall flat on its face or will it rekindle the stagnant Superman franchise for DC/Warner Brothers?

Super, thanks for asking.


4 thoughts on “It can’t be any worse than Superman Returns.

  1. I didn’t really care for Superman Returns. It’s watchable, but I wasn’t really a fan. I’m in a similar boat with superhero movies. I actually enjoyed the Green Lantern and the first Ghost Rider. The second was just awful, even though he was one of my favorites growing up. I think if he was cast better, it would’ve been more awesome.I even liked the Fantastic 4 movies. Didn’t like the Ang Lee Hulk though, even with Jennifer Connolly. Didn’t like Spiderman 3, and I wasn’t crazy about the latest Spiderman reboot. Most people question some of the movies I like as well, since I actually liked the Postman. Anyways, I think that this reboot has the potential to be awesome, so long as it doesn’t have the ridiculous gaping plotholes that TDKR did…

  2. Superheroes rock! For sure. You know it, and so do I–
    As did that little boy, a sheet tied round his neck– running through the house- flying–

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