Curtain call.

About this time last year I attended Legacy, a live-action role playing game held at the Faire Play campsite in Montrose and run by several of my friends , for the first time.   As a long-time roleplayer but LARPing virgin, I expressed my fears at trying something new; as the season progressed I found that I enjoyed it quite a bit, despite the cold and wet and sometimes terrible “That Guy” roleplayers that I would encounter.  Legacy’s inaugural season ended in November of last year the weekend before my wedding, and I was eager for April to roll around once more in order to go back.

Life happens when you’re making other plans, of course, and with the amazing revelation that my wife and I were to be expecting a child that changed things significantly, especially with a due date of May 25th.  This meant that there was no way on earth that we could continue to attend Legacy consistently this year, and in fact the beginning of the game’s second year -this weekend – would be the last time we would be able to attend for the foreseeable future (or until our daughter gets old enough to be left with grandparents for a weekend).  Truth be told it won’t be a terrible trip from our new home in the Adirondacks, as according to Google Maps it would only be around 4 hours to get to Faire Play; right now, from our location in the wilds of southeastern Pennsylvania, it’s already around three hours to get to camp as it is so we’re not worried about a long car trip sometime in the future.  Still, it’s going to be at least a year and most likely even longer than that before I’ll be donning my secondhand Renaissance gear and punching people in the balls again.

That knowledge makes packing for this coming weekend bittersweet to say the least.  I feel like I’m leaving the cast of an excellent television show in the first episode after it got renewed for a second season, and while I’ll miss being there every month to see the story and the characters develop I can say with pride that I was there from the beginning and that in some small way I hopefully helped in shaping the game into what it is very easily on its way to becoming: a highly successful and popular LARP that will be running for years.  On top of that – and while I won’t drop any spoilers, because I know some of my readers will be heading up to Montrose this weekend as well – the staff has decided to give my character (and by extension me and the wife) a nice little in-game send off that I hope will make it a memorable event.

So that’s it: wish me luck this weekend.  It’s not exactly like I’m saying my goodbyes to my LARPing friends and family… more like an “I’ll see you again soon.”

LARPing: Fat bearded guys with shields and plumbing equipment.

From L to R: The Magic Scarf, Steve Jewschemi, Grumpy Cat, Dude Looks Like a Lady, Lady Looks Like a Lady, me, Brown Guy in Blackface, Man with the Tiniest Shield Ever, Chunk, The World’s Smallest Micromanager, The Man Who Undresses You With His Eyes, and The Only Black LARPer Ever.


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