Because it’s five o’clock somewhere.

At 10:00 AM PST today (1:00 PM for all you East Coast dwellers), Microsoft will be publicly unveiling the details of the newest iteration of its Xbox gaming console.  I plan to be incredibly drunk before the end of the presentation.

I’ve had my ear to the ground when it comes to the newest and craziest tinfoil hat rumors about the next Xbox. simply because I’m an under-developed manchild and I don’t get out much.  I’ve even commented right here on this very blog about how rumor has it that the next Xbox may not permit you to play used games on it, which I still feel is a massive upraised middle finger to anyone who balks at the idea of paying for a brand new $60 game with only 10-15 hours of gameplay, but now the time has come to finally see who was right and who was just full of shit.  In order to prepare for the event, the brilliant fuckwits of the Internet have come up with something that just have to whole-heartedly endorse: the Microsoft Reveal Drinking Game!



I would recommend you all play along with me later this afternoon, but I don’t want to be blamed for a rash of alcohol poisonings.  Besides, that’s a lot of god damned liquor.  I may have to switch to water in order to prevent catastrophic liver damage.  Besides, I need to be somewhat conscious so I can say “I told you so” without slurring.  Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Because it’s five o’clock somewhere.

    • EA also just threw Nintendo under the bus, too – did you hear about that? They announced that they’re discontinuing their support for the WiiU indefinitely. Boo hoo, no more Madden games for Nintendo consoles.

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