Stage One.

Well, the time has come: we’re packing up the car today and heading off for the weekend.  This time we’ll be venturing up to the wilds of the Adirondack State Park to bring about half a dozen bins up to what will soon be our new home, up near Lake George.  We’re terribly excited!

Lots of pictures will be taken and shared once we’re back on Sunday evening.  Enjoy your weekend!

A bit overpacked are we?

This looks perfectly safe to me.


SCOTUS Smoke and Mirrors

Yesterday, the entirety of American society positively lit up like a Christmas tree with the news that the Supreme Court o the United States had made the decision to strike down both the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Prop 8.  This is of course absolutely fantastic news but let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Supreme Court, just the day before, gutted the Voting Rights Act like a dead catfish.

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I’m officially benign! Now step inside my unmarked panel van.

Leave your underwear on the floor please.

It’s okay, kids – I’m totally benign!  No, really.

I had a follow-up appointment at my doctor’s office yesterday.  I’m happy to report that my heart is no longer about to explode in its chest: that’s right, I’ve been downgraded from “hypertensive urgency” to “benign hypertension,” and I’ve never been so happy to have been classified that way.

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