It could never happen here, right?

You’ve seen the news coming out of Turkey – tens of thousands of demonstrators being tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed, and water-cannoned right in the face.  You might have even seen or read how local Turkish media outlets are completely covering up the story and that Turks have had to get their news from social media instead.  In fact, the following image is something you most likely will have seen quite a bit:

Turkish CNN censorship.

Yes, penguins are cute but that’s not the point.  You can’t sweep something this big under the rug just because you don’t like all the bad publicity.  Of course nothing like this would happen in our country, right?

Well, hold on to your butts, ladies and gentlemen: it is happening – in fact it’s happening right now.  No, not at the same magnitude as the horrors that are being perpetrated against innocent Turks, but major news outlets in the US are giving important developments on our own soil short shrift.  For instance, did you know that Bradley Manning went to trial yesterday?  If you visited the BBC News website, you sure did:

BBC Bradley Manning

Reuters readers would have noticed it too, though it was just a smaller blurb down at the bottom and the coverage seems to be a bit one-sided:

Reuters Bradley Manning

Of course, RT had loads of coverage – including a story about how they were actually subject to a DDoS attack by some schmucks calling themselves Anti-Leaks, specifically because of their Bradley Manning coverage:

RT Bradley Manning

But what about CNN?  This is a news source based in the United States – surely they would have plenty of stories on the Bradley Manning trial, right?

What the fuck, CNN?

Nope.  There’s one tiny little link in small print with Manning’s name.  Clicking that brings you to a news story written Monday before his trial even began.

Now I’m in no way comparing a single trial to the massive uprising currently happening over in Turkey, but the principles here are the same: if you want information about what’s happening in your own country, you shouldn’t have to circumvent your own native news sources in order to get it.  If it’s an oversight, it’s an absolutely unacceptable one; if it was done on purpose, it’s an utterly reprehensible example of the worst kind of censorship , I’m not going to stand for it, and neither should anyone else!


3 thoughts on “It could never happen here, right?

  1. Frankly, the mainstream media is a joke… RT is a lot better, but they are primarily a Russian psyop with the goal of destabilizing the US (hence why they are more likely to discuss the “true” evil shit the American Govt does). What is interesting is how by doing so, they end up being the most honest of the ones you mentioned.

    I go to Drudge when I want to find out the real stories being ignored by the mainstream. There are others, some friends of mine prefer Rense.

    I enjoy Infowars more as Infotainment/editorial with a spin I 100% agree with, but they often get their facts twisted depending on which author wrote the article (Paul Watson is the worst at hyping and spinning things).

    Once in a while though Infowars scoops something or really hits the nail on the head with their analysis of a story.

    Otherwise, I spend a lot of time just paying attention to what the media is saying, and like a Kung Fu master, interpret the direction their stories and spins take, and deduce their true intention and dodge their bullshit attack to see through to their inner truth.

    Like I said on Facebook, Interesting how this huge riot sparks just as the Bilderberg meeting starts… Wonder what else will happen in the next few days (between the 6th and 9th) to keep that name out of the mainstream news?

    • Yeah, I think I’ve read just one BIlderberg news story over the past few days, and it was about how the taxpayers of Watford – the city in the UK where they’re meeting – are pissed off about those assholes showing up for the weekend. Other than that, nobody’s really saying anything.

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