My daughter sees dead people.

I know this sounds crazy but I’m convinced my daughter is seeing shit I’m not.  Either that, or she’s constantly having an extended grand mal seizure.

Last night, I had my little girl propped up on my lap in a sitting position facing me.  I had her back and neck supported, but I wasn’t holding her very firmly – as she’s almost nine weeks old at this point, she’s gotten strong enough to hold her neck up straight for the most part – yet for some reason she was darting her head and eyes all over the god damned place.  It looked like she was tracking something flying around in the room, like a bug or something.  Whatever it was she saw, she was completely mystified by it for a good five minutes.

It was the absolute weirdest thing to watch – it really looked like she was watching invisible fairies flit around the house.  This is of course patently ridiculous, as it’s more likely that her senses are simply developing and she was fascinated by the patterns and colors she saw around her, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was completely freaky to watch.

I know there are a lot of parents out there – have you ever run into anything similar?  How did you deal with it – or are you still dealing with it?  I’m interested in hearing your stories and reactions as well.

The bone whisperer.

Shit, get these assholes out of here, I’m trying to jerk off.


11 thoughts on “My daughter sees dead people.

  1. Children, in particular infants, do have a higher ability to see things. Jared used to see lots of things, a woman standing behind a curtain, the same woman watched from the doorway as he fell out of bed. So many different occurences, it was rather frightening at times. He’s also a sleepwalker and the voices in the wall told him to go out on the railroad tracks for the darkness to happen (none of this he remembered since he was asleep explaining it to us at the time). It seems he still shares a psychic connection with me, nothings a surprise to him and quite often I think “Jared dont do that” instantly theres a “what mom?”

  2. Kids and animals. They can see all sorts of shit we can’t.

    Could be faeries, could be dust bunnies. It’s freaky no matter what 😉

  3. Babies will do that shit for the first few months, their eyes are still developing and can’t really see the way we do, or the distance we can.

    That being said, Sean has been telling us about the ghosts in the house since he was able to talk….have fun, chief!

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