Gentlemen, start your engines.

Well, this is it: the final countdown. In two weeks and a few days, we will be moving back to New York!  I’m both elated and terrified at the prospect of uprooting and travelling hundreds of miles to our new home in North Creek; elated at the idea of our beautiful, spacious new home and terrified of having to actually clean out all our crap, throw it away or donate whatever we’re not keeping, and then packing it up at the end of this month.

I will say this, though – we’ve come a long way in the three years that we’ve lived here in southeastern Pennsylvania.  When we moved down here in 2010, things were honestly kind of bleak in that the move was necessitated by the fact that I’d lost my job and we couldn’t afford the standard of living on Long Island any more.  Things were made worse when my car died just a few days after the move, stranding both myself and my then-fiancée (and now wife) in an unfamiliar place with no job, no prospects, and no way to get around.  It’s a wonder I didn’t hang myself in the bathroom during those first few months.

Now, things are completely different.  Instead of having to work for some faceless company that didn’t care about me beyond what they could get out of me, I work for myself.  I would rather clients instead of employers any day of the week, especially since I can not only have the flexibility to choose which projects I work on but also when and where I do my work, thanks to the wonders of telecommuting.  Not only that, but I have since been able to replace the broken-down car with a new one, have become a published fiction author with literally tens of fans (hi Mom!) and – most importantly – I’m now a husband and a father.  All in three short years.

We’ve definitely outgrown this little cottage on the farm.  I don’t feel bad about moving on, though it will be hard to say goodbye to all the friends I’ve made since moving here in 2010.  Luckily the powers of the internet can keep friendships not just alive but flourishing.  On top of that it’s not so far from our new home to the Faire Play camp where Legacy holds its monthly LARP weekends – only around four hours – so I can say with certainty that both I and my wife will be returning there eventually.  Finally, our new couch will be a fold-out futon, so we’re going to be very welcoming of any guests who would like to come up for a short stay or an extended visit, and if you prefer the great outdoors we’ll have nearly seven acres of land – I’m sure you’ll be able to find a nice spot to set your sleeping bag for a few days.

In the meantime, both the wife and I have a lot of packing and cleaning to do from now until moving day, even on top of the work we’ve already completed.  It’s dirty, sweaty, and tiring but it has to be done – and it will be a much more pleasant experience than last time!

Don't worry - I keep my porn on DVD.

Don’t worry – I keep my porn on DVD.


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