Thank God I’m a country boy.

Our move is complete – once again the wife and I are New Yorkers, and we get to raise our daughter in the most peaceful and calming place on earth.

North Creek Rail Station - service to Saratoga Springs and points south!

All aboard!

No, I don’t mean a medical marijuana dispensary in California, though I’m sure it’s pretty mellow out there, too; we are now proud residents of North Creek, a little town deep in the wilds of the Adirondack State Park.  We’re about half an hour from Lake George, which is just close enough to be within easy reach of “civilization” but far enough away that we get almost no light pollution – on clear evenings you can see so many stars that it would leave Neil deGrasse Tyson in hysterics.

Our new home is an incredible place to live.  We’re halfway up a heavily forested mountain with a private lake both at the foot and at the summit.  A hard-packed dirt road winds up the slope, trees on either side arching overhead like a vast cathedral ceiling of greenery.  The property itself spans nearly seven acres, and our back porch overlooks almost all of it – a vast clearing peppered with apple trees and glacial boulders, ringed by pine and white birch.

Good eatin' on 'em though.

Ugly, ill-tempered birds. They’re like Republicans.

Not a day has gone by that we haven’t seen wildlife in our back yard. Deer are a near-constant presence, as they amble out of the forest to steal a few ripe apples that have fallen onto the grass before slipping back into the trees, little white tails flashing. One afternoon I watched three massive wild turkeys strut across the yard, and it’s a rare morning that I don’t hear the loons down on the lake trilling at dawn.  I think I might have even heard a coyote one evening as well.

Most amazing so far has been watching the dragonflies at dusk.  I’ve never seen so many in one place – there are dozens zipping about the back yard, and the wife and I spent a good fifteen minutes just watching them dart and swoop with so much agility that it was like watching a tank filled with exotic fish.  It used to be a treat to see one or two little runts a season back down in southeastern Pennsylvania, but up here in the Adirondacks these bastards are massive.  I could be wrong but I think one of them was smoking a cigarette.

Burning bridges 101.

Enjoy your black mold!

Besides the vast menagerie of flora and fauna we’ve got up here, North Creek offers true peace of mind.  I even feel more creative up here.  Since we’re renting from my parents, I don’t have to worry about crazy landlords like I’ve had to deal with in the past (well, my parents are crazy, but not in that way).  The house is in pristine condition, there are no creaky trap doors in the bathroom that threaten to swallow you whole (don’t ask) and for the first time in years it feels like I can finally breathe again.  Sure, the best internet connection we can get is 6 megabit DSL; big deal. I’ll trade the ability to stream Netflix in HD for a little piece of paradise like this.


4 thoughts on “Thank God I’m a country boy.

  1. Dave… I must deer hunt on your property, please say yes, I will give you a hunk of meat 🙂

    Glad your happy in your new home, it sounds like an ideal home. To say I’m Jealous would be like saying that the cookies monster has a minor interest in cookies.

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