There goes the neighborhood.

The other day, we noticed a new neighbor had moved in, and not far from our house at all. I’m not a big fan of suburbia – all those houses packed cheek-to-jowl – but this guy seems like he’s going to be okay:

The whistlepig in repose.

Hey man, can I borrow a cup of sugar?

Meet Mac the woodchuck.  He lives under the boulder right in our back yard.  He’s a little camera shy, though – he never likes to look directly at us.

Woodchucks are fun little critters.  They may look odd – like a beaver with a cat tail – but woodchucks aren’t that strange, really. They’re more commonly known as groundhogs, the most famous being that vile lying bastard Punxsutawney Phil.  However, Mac would never steer us wrong.  Instead he just hangs out and suns himself on the roof of his house.  He’s pretty chill.

However, if there’s one thing Mac doesn’t like it’s company.  And just like when the phone rings when you sit down on the toilet, company always shows up when you’re trying to relax:

Who's that lurking in the background?

God dammit.

At this point, Mac tried to pretend like he wasn’t home.  Just like you would freeze and hold your breath whenever someone you don’t want to deal with rings your doorbell, Mac did his best to think himself as invisible as possible.  Unfortunately it’s not as sound a strategy when you’re out in the open.

Hey man, I'm trying to relax over here. Can you come by later?

Hey man, I’m trying to relax over here. Can you come by later?

Finally Mac got fed up with his unannounced visitor and did what so many of us wish we could do when confronted with someone “just stopping by” – he simply vanished.

Now you see me...

Now you see me…

Mac’s visitor, in true fashion, didn’t even let his host’s sudden departure faze him in even the slightest.

Don't you just hate oblivious house guests?

I’m sorry, did you say something?


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