The heartbreak of analog video.

Last night, I set up the DVD player in the bedroom so the wife and I could watch a movie before bed and I was defeated by an outdated piece of equipment:  couldn’t get it to output to HD video.

Some background: I know what I’m doing when it comes to AV equipment.  I routinely upgrade and maintain my own computer so I’m no stranger to electronics, and I once spent nine months of my life that I’ll never get back working at a call center for a major cable provider so I’m well-versed in not just connecting set-top boxes to televisions but walking little old ladies through the same steps over the phone.

Yet somehow I’ve been thoroughly beaten and humiliated by a 14 year old Panasonic DVD player.  It doesn’t even have an HDMI output, for the love of Pete – we’re talking analog component cables!  It still kicked my ass, though.

See I’ve got a perfectly functioning set of YPbPr cables.  I know they’re working just fine because I can hook them up to the DVD player’s composite output and, matching them up to my 32 inch Samsung LCD television’s composite inputs, can get depressing Standard Definition video.  The DVD player has component video out, but no matter how I try my television simply won’t recognize anything when I try to run the DVD player through my TV’s component input.

There’s only two possibilities here: either the component out on my DVD player is bad or the component in on my TV is the culprit.  Considering the DVD player was built in 1999 (it’s a hand me down from my parents, as it came with the new house) I suspect that the problem lies therein, but I don’t have any other component video devices I could use to check the input on my television.  You know, because everything else was built this century and runs on HDMI.

In the end, I simply gave up.  I didn’t have the time and energy to mess with it any more, so not only am I stuck with analog video, I’m stuck with the second-shittiest tier, barely one step up from antenna.  I swear sometimes I feel like I’m living on the side of the mountain in the middle of a forest or something.

Hey, wait a second…



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