We’re back from our Legacy weekend.  It was awesome to be back – better than that, it was like coming home.

Things have changed up at Faire Play quite a bit since the wife and I had last been up in the wilds of northeast Pennsylvania.  Thanks to Legacy’s wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the hard as a rock bunk beds have all been upgraded with comfortable camp mattresses, which made sleeping much less like a Klingon rite of passage.  Previously I would toss and turn all night in an attempt to get comfortable, but I slept like a baby this weekend – a big, fat, hairy baby.

Puns are the lowest form of humor.

Man my tits are freezing.

On top of that, the weatherproofing for the main building at Faire Play has been improved by an order of magnitude.  All the sleeping quarters have been enclosed and insulated, and even the big drafty main hall has been fitted with several of those faux fireplace space heaters that both looked good and gave off enough heat to turn what could have been an absolutely miserable weekend in the cold and damp into only mild discomfort.  This may not sound much like a ringing endorsement but it truly is; the weather in Montrose is unseasonably cold almost all the time, and as it’s nothing more than a big drafty converted barn a weekend experience can easily degenerate into the kind of special hell usually only reserved for politicians and child molesters.

In comparison, this September event was warm and inviting.  I don’t just mean the sleeping accommodations, though – the welcome that we received after missing four-and-a-half events was touching.  Not only were all of our old friends genuinely overjoyed to have us back, but the new players the game had attracted this year welcomed us with open arms.  The sense of community and family that had developed over Legacy’s first season had only grown stronger and more cohesive in our absence, and it felt fantastic to once more be part of something so obviously special.

Could be worse.  I could be a politician or a child molester.

Well it does sometimes.

In fact, the only negative experience I had all weekend came at the end as we were packing up to leave.  I was overcome with a wave of depression as I thought about having to return once more to the mundane world and all the struggle that was waiting for me; only the thought of being reunited with our daughter once more kept me from utter despondency.  Well, that and the possibility of attending another event later this year before the end of the season in December – something that several of our friends insist must happen.  Unfortunately Faire Play’s insurance policy won’t let us dress up little Ellie in elf ears and allow us to use her as a prop!

I don’t see what the big deal is, though.  I mean we had already been smuggling her to the game for several months before we knew we were expecting a child.  Besides, there’s already a suspicious stain in one of the bedrooms from that fateful night in April!


2 thoughts on “Homecoming.

  1. I have GOT to get to one of these someday. Any chance you guys could swing by Long island on the way to the next one?

    Anyway, I found this in Hicksville. Tempting:

    Omega: A Mass Effect LARP

    Hicksville, NY
    22 LARPERS

    Omega is a live action role playing game that takes place in the Mass Effect universe. With a heavy emphasis on role playing, and a simple and fun combat system, you’ll be abl…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    • You know that might not be so out of the question! I mean we always can’t rely on my parents to come up and babysit for the weekend, but I’m sure Pam’s folks wouldn’t say no if we brought Ellie to them for a weekend. They’re right in Queens – we could totally pick you up, it looks like only around a 3-4 hour ride from LI!

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