The arrogance of John Kerry.

I’m normally not filled with vitriol (ha!) but John Forbes Kerry is a complete weenie and I hope he gets jock itch from a batch of tainted Heinz ketchup.

Honestly I can’t believe I voted for this schmuck in 2004.  Then again, it wasn’t like the alternative was exactly attractive. Still, I’m completely dissatisfied with his approach, as Secretary of State for the Obama administration, in pushing the world towards military intervention in Syria.

“But why?” you might say. “Didn’t the Syrian government use chemical weapons on their own people?  Don’t we have a responsibility as a world superpower to intervene on behalf of the innocent and the suffering?  And doesn’t Syria have lots of natural resources we could help ourselves to?”  Well, maybe, but let’s be honest here – the jury is still out on who actually used those chemical weapons.  In fact, while the UN investigation into the matter did discover traces of sarin gas in the aftermath of the attacks, there’s no evidence pointing to one side or the other.

“Well what about res ipsa loquitur?” you might say.  “I mean the chemical attack couldn’t have occurred unless they were present in Syria, right?”  To that I’d say that, first, you need to put down your copy of Black’s Law Dictionary and go out and get some fresh air, but also that it’s just as possible that hard-line insurgents got their hands on some of the Syrian government’s stockpiles and used them in a deliberate attempt to goad the international community into action against the Assad regime.  It’s called a false flag attack, and it’s been done before to great effect.

No, I’m not saying this is definitely the case – I’m simply remarking that the originator of the attacks could have been either side of the conflict.  Moreover, there’s no evidence either way that points to either the Assad regime or the insurgency, which in a normal, non-insane world would prompt further investigations before running off half-cocked and getting yourself committed to military action; it’s circumstantial at best, and Syria’s main ally Russia has spoken out against other countries adopting an anti-Assad slant.

Unfortunately, Secretary Kerry couldn’t give a shit about that.  He’s got his marching orders from the administration and he’s pushing the military intervention agenda like there’s no tomorrow.  In fact, at a recent press conference regarding the reticence on the part of the UN to go in guns blazing because of the uncertainty surrounding who exactly gassed those Syrian civilians, he even said:

We really don’t have time today to pretend that anyone can have their own set of facts.

Does no one here see the irony in Kerry’s statement? The Obama administration has already decided to interpret  the UN report in such a way as to justify military intervention.  Am I wrong here in characterizing that as the US executive branch gleaning its own set of facts?  Is John Kerry so god damned arrogant that he doesn’t even listen to what he’s saying anymore?

Why’s Kerry in such a god damned rush?  There are over 100,000 casualties in the Syrian civil war since it began in 2011, but it’s only now that the Obama administration wants to get involved, and in a hurry so no one can sit back and say, “wait a minute, is this really a good idea?”

Oh jesus christ.


3 thoughts on “The arrogance of John Kerry.

  1. Don’t forget the fact that those darling little “rebels” are non other than the same “Rebels” that are blamed for 911 and 90% of the terror on the planet. Estimates vary between 30% and 70% of the rebels being Al Queda, either fighters, or religious affiliates.

    The American people are being sold a False rationale for going to war in a foreign land yet again, and this time it backfired. Even the left is sick of it. The Military is opposed to it, and finding support for the intervention has proven to be a debacle for Obama and Kerry.

    Putin (god love his little Ex KGB heart with the hammer and sickle tattoo on it), has authorized his navy to use nuclear weapons in the event of an American strike.

    So why indeed is Kerry (and Obama) pushing so hard for a war that would end badly?

    And lets be honest, it would be a War. If another nation even discussed doing to us what we are trying to do to them, we would have already nuked them.

    The truth is plain as day, but you have to know the rest of the story.

    People need to turn off the goddamn TV, and start following the alternative news sources like Drudge, and do their own independent verification when facts sound off the wall.

    WE NEED to shout it from the ROOFTOPS, that just a few short weeks ago, the law that prohibited the Government from using propaganda against it’s own citizen was revoked…

    We have to force people to see that the government is trying to rewrite our rights so that they only apply to them or their cronies.

    We need to see that Progressives are NOT liberals, they are Authoritarians who parade around as ecofriendly hipsters. They preach about equal rights, but neglect that the way they intend to make everyone equal is to enslave us all equally. They tell us we need more regulation to curb the evil of the big bad corporations, then secretly allow the corporations to write the regulations…

    We need to see that Neocons are not Capitalists, they are Facist Corporatists who revel in making their military industrial complex buddies rich by doing more or less the same things progressives do, but with a different spin.

    We need to see that our government is not of the people, for the people or by the people any more.

    We need to wake up because many experts are making it clear that next year could be the cliff that would demolish the economy.

    We need to recognize that Obama and Kerry’s plan to attack Syria is not simple incompetence. These people are truly good at their job, their job is to make all of us mad at THEM when they push for things their bosses want, and not notice their bosses pulling their strings.

    It’s time we wake the FUCK up, put the sunglasses on and see these monsters for what they are and stand up for humanity.

    • I just don’t understand WHY the world is being steered towards these economic and humanitarian disasters. I mean, to what end would it be to start what could very easily degenerate into another world war? What does this accomplish? Who benefits from this bullshit besides the arms manufacturers and the undertakers?

      • Problem, reaction, solution. If you really want to know, look up the Obama deception on you tube. Get a bowl of pop corn, and hold on to your seat. Then realize with horror that that movie was made when Obama was first elected and that everything predicted came true and more…

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