Women: Now Officially Obsolete.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is (very NSFW) proof positive that the survival of the human race is doomed: virtual-reality sexbots.

Leave it to the Japanese, those cutting-edge perverts, to finally take those all-important steps into the obsolescence of human contact. No more of that pesky courting and social interaction that often gets in the way of getting your pee-pee touched; now you just slap on an Oculus Rift, boot up your flavor-of-the-week virtual vixen, and enjoy the cold steel embrace of plummeting birth rates. If nothing else, this will solve the overpopulation problem overnight. God bless technology!


4 thoughts on “Women: Now Officially Obsolete.

  1. Now after 41 years this comes out. Arthritis in both hands 1000’s of dollars in magazines in which I only ever read for the articles. Now I am just old and broken. Thanks japan but a little late.

  2. Reminds me of THX1138… in the early part of the movie (the best part really where they are revealing the setting in detail), we see THX1138 watching an erotic video of some Nubian goddess dancing provocatively… meanwhile some machine is pistoning up and down on his lap as he makes an “O” face.

    OF course he lives with a real life human female, but he is not allowed to copulate with her, no one is allowed to have nookie time, all children are grown in test tubes.

    IT would be an entertaining sci fi story if it wasn’t pretty much EXACTLY WHAT THE NWO IS PLANNING for us all.

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