Bob Ross even raps mellow.

Back in the Olden Days before cable television, I watched a lot of PBS growing up.  Granted it was mostly because I couldn’t get CBS to come in without taping the rabbit ears into the right position, but regardless of why I watched, I caught a lot of The Joy of Painting.

If you’ve never seen Bob Ross work, it’s an amazing experience.  It’s like liquid Zen.  He’s got this smooth, calming voice and he’s just so nice and supportive, like Mister Rogers with a paint palette and a neutral Midwestern accent.  Bob Ross was the real deal, too – he earned his mellow demeanor the hard way by way of becoming disillusioned with the time he spent yelling at people and making them scrub latrines.  Vowing to never scream at anyone again, he turned over a new leaf and dedicated his life to producing queerly soothing, beautiful, and non-threatening oil paintings.

However, unbeknownst to me Bob Ross can also drop some of the phattest beats ever.  Observe.

I love this man.


4 thoughts on “Bob Ross even raps mellow.

  1. This combines a few of my favorite things. I love epic rap battles, and I’ve always loved Bob Ross. I used to come home from school and turn his show on. It came on at 4, and I’d listen and watch until I drifted off and I always woke up right as the painting was done 😀 He also convinced me that I could paint. But that turned out not to be true.

    • I’m sure that if you just loaded up on a triple dose of Xanax before you started to paint every day and you’d manage to come up with something. It might not look like much, but with that much alprazolam in your system you wouldn’t care!

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