The devil in the woodpile.

Jesus christ what the fuck is this

“Hey, what’s up buddy?”

New England and upstate New York is thickly forested, and there’s an abundance of wildlife even today with the constant encroachment of so-called civilization. Still, even as humanity spreads further afield, there are strange things that are seen in the forests of the North Country; one of them is known as the wood devil.

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White as snow.

On the inside  it's Luke-warm.

Not shown: tired, cold, and wet Jedi in training.

Huge swathes of North America have been transformed into something resembling Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back, and things are most likely going to stay that way for the rest of the month. This makes it fitting, of course, to talk about more unexplained winter-related horror.

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Oh the Huge Manitou!

Of course he saw darkness, he went fucking blind!

Oh Milton, you so crazy.

I have returned, emerging from the haze of first-time fatherhood and all the end-of-year holiday requirements that come with providing my parents and in-laws with an adorable grandchild to lavish attention on. As a peace offering, please accept this little slice of nightmare fuel.

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