The Shadow Over Indianapolis

Satan must have a crazy air conditioning bill.

Just your run of the mill portal to Hell.

There’s a portal to Hell in Indiana, and it’s in Latoya Ammons’ basement – or at least that’s what Reverend Michael L. Maginot believes.

Not only is Reverend Michael convinced that there’s some malevolent spirit that was torturing Latoya and her family, Gary Indiana police Captain Charles Austin, a veteran with three decades of experience, is convinced as well based on what he saw himself. On top of that, there’s some very startled Department of Child Services workers who swear up and down that there was some funky stuff happening to Latoya and her three children – specifically that they were under attack by demonic entities that were possessing her and her children.

This demon is faaaabulous.

Ms. Ammons, obviously possessed by Liberace’s ghost.

Most people would chalk this up to mental illness, and that’s exactly how DCS originally approached it. Reading the original report reveals how DCS was tipped off that Latoya’s children had been missing weeks of school at a time. Latoya’s delusions were being egged on by her kids, the anonymous tipster said, and that they were performing for her. DCS called her and her kids in for interviews and evaluations, only to discover that Latoya wasn’t suffering from any discernible mental illness.

However, during an interview of Latoya’s nine year old child, he had an episode according to DCS witnesses where he growled like an animal, rolled his eyes into the back of his sockets, and then walked backwards up the wall and flipped over his grandmother’s head as she held his hands.

What's wrong, Charlie? Seen a ghost?

Captain Austin, looking spooked.

Later, the police investigated Latoya’s home – standard procedure in DCS cases to determine if children were living in poor conditions – and found the house clean and stocked with plenty of food, but investigators discovered strange phenomena. Captain Austin reported the charge on his police radio exhausting itself despite having brand-new fully charged batteries that were changed just this morning, and other equipment malfunctions occurred when they investigated the house’s basement. There are even reports of a ghostly voice being caught on tape.

Finally, Latoya decided she had been through quite enough and reached out to the clergy to help her save herself and her family. She was put in contact with Reverend Mike, who met with her and determined there was something otherworldly affecting her family. Reverend Mike returned again to help investigate the basement a second time with a group of police. They excavated the dank patch of earth underneath the basement stairs – the only place where the concrete floor was broken – and unearthed strange objects including a fignernail, a pair of woman’s panties, hair beads and ankle socks that had been cut short. Mixed in with these objects were several candy bar wrappers and a large drapery cord weight.

He doesn't look anything like Max Von Sydow!

Reverend Mike Maginot.

Finally, Reverend Mike received permission from his bishop to perform a church-sanctioned exorcism on Latoya, who had since moved from the house. After two more exorcisms  over the course of several months, Latoya was supposedly freed of demonic influence, and she has since moved far away with her children – and they report no instances of demonic possession. Likewise have the new tenants in their old home reported no disturbances as well.

So is it true? Are there fallen angels crawling their way up out of the lake of fire to mess with random kids and their parents in Indiana? I suppose that depends primarily on whether you believe that supernatural entities exist and that they can interact with people. The personal experiences of a police captain, a priest, and a handful of DCS employees might sound compelling, but there’s no actual documented evidence of any of the things these people claim to have seen with their own eyes. It may seem flippant to simply dismiss the eyewitness accounts of the people involved in this entire incident, but without something definitive such as video evidence how can we truly be sure that these people are telling the truth? Remarkable claims require just as remarkable evidence after all. At the same time, the sheer number of eyewitness reports are rather staggering in this case. Police and DCS officials all claim to have had personal experiences with the supernatural and were so convinced that they entered the details of these experiences in their official reports.

Personally I don’t know what to think. I’m uncomfortable with the leap of faith it requires to believe this story. Then again, that’s what this is about, isn’t it? Proof always denies faith. Still, I just can’t bring myself to believe it personally. I’m not ruling out the possibility – I remain open-minded – but until I end up seeing some incontrovertible evidence or I experience something myself that convinces me, I’m going to reserve judgment.


6 thoughts on “The Shadow Over Indianapolis

  1. I’ve thought a lot about the whole ghosts things, since lots of people around me have experienced things they can’t explain. Here’s my theory. Keep in mind, I remain a skeptic, but if it WERE real, this is how I’d explain it.

    Perhaps, the reason this stuff doesn’t appear on audio or video recordings is because much of what these people see and hear is projected telepathically to their brains. If our brains are open to such things, then the images and sounds can be falsly projected as a sort of forced hallucination. My thought on why some people never experience it is that some people are very open minded to believe such things and allow it to affect them, and others who are skeptical are only open minded to the possibility, but not the belief in such things. Not sure if you get my distinction there, but skeptics are typically less open minded than someone who already believes in the possibility. Even me, I think it’s technically possible because there’s no way for me to disprove it with my liliputian understanding of our existence. But the Lish believes in those kinds of things, so she’d be more prone to it, and she’s experienced things. Perhaps forced telepathy requires a truly open mind to allow it in, sort of like angelic possession in the show Supernatural.

    OR, I could be totally wrong. That happens more frequently.

    • Interesting! I like the idea of telepathic communication, it certainly explains why there never seems to be any video evidence caught of encounters like this.

      Of course that means telepathy would have to be real. Then again, we’re already talking about otherworldly entities here, so I suppose it kind of goes hand in hand with the idea of the ghost of your Great-Aunt Edna showing up and messing with you while you’re trying to sleep.

  2. I don’t think we can discount the telepathic thing, but I would remind you that they HAVE caught what they “think” are EVP’s of ghosts talking. Now, as a giant nerd, I can come up with at least half a dozen logical reasons for that that don’t have to do with ghosts, and no doubt you guys can too…

    But if not for certain personal experiences between the wife and I and at least one friend…

    Several things happened in this house for which there is no logical explanation we could find, and I had my Engineer friend help me try to replicate the situations and think of any excuse possible for why they happened.

    I’m talking Paranormal Activity level stuff…

    Once, Chris G, April and I were playing a rousing game of Left for Dead in a Xbox lan setup we used to play a lot, and a Kitchen cabinet opened all by itself, and a box of Taco Shells flew across the kitchen and landed in the middle of the floor with enough force to appear to have been tossed (gently… it’s a small kitchen).

    Now, as silly as it sounds (what kind of message would a ghost be trying to send that involved Taco shells is beyond me…) the whole event was seen by at least 2 pairs of eyes, with a third seeing the final moments of the box flying and landing.

    I went over, and investigated, and there was no sign of any rats, or animals, or any sign that the stuff in the cabinet was knocked over or disturbed.

    I opened the next door and used my hand to test to see what kind of force it would take to pop the cabinets “magnet lock” that holds it closed. and it was quite a bit more than a box of taco shells could exert just by maybe falling over or even if they were placed haphazardly on the other food causing it to try to fall out of the cabinet.

    Let along push it’s way out, and leap across the room…

    Another time, april had this electronic picture frame just above the TV, and youhad to plug it in to make it work.

    she had the transformer and plug resting INSIDE the lip of a tray we had filled with toys the bird played on (it was a bird jungle gym and it has a one inch lip meant to hold bedding for the bird to walk on, or just to create a barrier.

    So what happened next was mind blowing

    Somehow, despite all the weight of the transformer and 4 socket extension cord socket being at rest well within the lip of the gym, the transformer “Jumped” as april put it, up into the air, and fell down behind the TV taking the picture frame down with it.

    I saw most of this out of the corner of my eye, as did Chris G (yes it was another Xbox lan night, I forget what game we played) and when I turned to look saw it fall.

    April said it almost looked like the transformer wiggled for a second before “jumping” over the edge… as if something either picked it up and dropped it, or yanked very hard on the cord.

    Other stuff has happened but happened to us individually… Some of it was sounds that were creepy that could be Brian’s Telepathy thing…

    Other things were physical phenomenon that defy rational explanation…

    Stuff would also go missing for hours at a time, and we would check and recheck likely places where the thing would normally be, and a few hours later, they would be there, as if we just didn’t see them.

    I had the shit scared out of me late at night (literally). I was sitting on the toilet, and not quite falling asleep (hey it was a surprise 4AM piss that turned into a dump it can happen), and left the light out… thinking it would just be a pee… I was procrastinating getting up to turn on the light so I could wipe when…

    All of a sudden there was a loud BANG on the bathroom door, as if something slapped the door with the palm of their hand. The force of the slam was hard enough to cause the sign on the door that we had from a party to rattle and keep swinging for a second or so in a distinguished way that is unmistakable It happened all the time when you closed the door, so you kind of knew the sound by heart).

    I pretty much gave birth to my colon, and for a split second thought I was dreaming it, but realized I was not breathing at all and my eyes were so wide when I finally blinked it took about three seconds for the eyelids to make it all the way closed and back open again.

    I managed to wipe my ass in record time, psyched myself up, realizing if it was a burglar the sight of a 330lb man wearing nothing but boxers bursting open the bathroom door would either be enough for them to shoot me, or take off running… but to be safe I took a bar of soap in my hand to use as brass knuckle and a small towel to use as a distraction. I stared into the inky blackness of my house with no lights on… and felt my guts clench.

    I softly called out to April and Jared, but only snores responded… I glanced in Jareds room to make sure the boogieman wasn’t in there, and thought about checking the kitchen, but decided that if the ghost was in the kitchen fucking with taco shells, I didn’t want to know about it…

    I crept into the bedroom, closed the bedroom door, slunk over to my side of the bed, loaded my shotgun, crawled under the covered and just about passed out from lack of breath as I refused to breath… In the morning I told April what happened and she said she didn’t remember getting up, nor did Jared. and so we believe it was either the ghost having to take a shit, or Jared sleep walked.

    It used to happen a lot when we moved in, but it settled down, and eventually stopped, coming to a complete stop after we got our dog… Seriously, even the spooky voiced in the walls stopped.

    Now, those who know my history, know I’m no stranger to the idea of a spirit world, even though now I have different more atheist theories about these things… Even back then I didn’t really believe in “Ghosts” despite all the things I thought I saw, I never had an honest ghost encounter, and like Brian was a kind of skeptic… I thought ghosts ere demons at most, or just explainable phenomenon/hoaxes.

    Figures after I turned mostly Soft Atheist, THEN the fucking ghosts started appearing in my life in undeniable ways to fuck with my head…

    Anyway, anyone want to sleep over? I’ve been tempted to do a Ghost Investigation here, but if there is one, I don’t want to wake it up or get it’s attention. I like that it’s not spooky here at night anymore…

    But I still can’t sleep if the door to the bedroom is open and my fan isn’t on making noise.. it’s too damn quiet here and you can hear a spider cough in the living room at night. I also refuse to go potty with the lights off at night any more… But thats as much out of practicality as it is terror…

    • Of course the ghost needed the bathroom! I mean after all those tacos, you’d need to take a dump, too.

      On a more serious note, it’s shit like this that fascinates me. I’d love to think there’s something out there that we simply don’t have the technology to observe and record yet, and it makes me want to get a full-spectrum camera and an EMF detector and set up shop in your living room for a couple of nights.

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