Dusting things off.

Anyone got a Swiffer?

Anyone got a Swiffer?

Boy, it’s dusty in here.

It’s been a long time. My last series of blog posts – a halfhearted collection of “spooky” urban legends and folktales, might have satisfied a few of you. However I’m sure it left the majority of you wanting more; for that I apologize. All I can offer you is my renewed commitment to providing you fine folks with only the best and most inappropriate blog posts you can handle reading.

The winter months were long and hard, and not in the fun way. Unending hours of dark and cold did a number on my mental state and I found myself slipping into the kind of depression that only medication (and an incredibly patient wife) can truly help with. For anyone who’s never wrestled with their own demons in the form of clinical depression and anxiety, all I can say to you is that Celexa is a hell of a drug. Things are better now. Hopefully they’ll stay that way.

At any rate, I’m back and there are big plans for the blog. Here’s just a handful of what will be coming over the next few days and weeks:

  • First of all you’ve probably already noticed I’ve chosen a new theme for the blog. New look, new start. I’m still undecided on whether I like it but it’s been growing on me – sort of like a really bad rash. We’ll see if it sticks around.
  • Secondly, there’s some long-overdue blog posts that will be coming up. First and foremost will be a detailed, in-depth review of Craig Gabrysch’s The New Orleans Zombie Riot of 1866 And Other Stories. Craig has been on me for literally months to get this review out and I owe him massive apologies on taking my sweet god damned time. The short review: go buy it now. Long review will come this week.
  • Next will come an absolute colon blow of fantastic information and feedback concerning the 2014 Steampunk World’s Fair which the wife and I attended from May 16th to the 18th in lovely Piscataway New Jersey. It’s the largest ticketed steampunk convention in the observable universe, and the sheer volume of insanity that we both witnessed cannot be contained in one single blog post. Look forward to in-depth profiles of several authors and vendors that the wife and I had the pleasure of meeting over the weekend, including a very important profile of O.M. Grey, prolific fiction author and proprietor of the Order of the White Feather. You can also look forward to my misadventures as I take a cheap Nerf gun and try my hand at giving it a custom Steampunk-style paint job. No guarantees that it won’t look like something that came out of a cat’s asshole.
  • Finally, thrill to the adventures of Yours Truly as he continues to brave the harrowing environmental hazards of the Adirondacks, including the famed and mysterious Lake George Mystery Spot complete with photographic evidence of his ordeal at the center of a busy cross-street in a popular tourist destination. That one’s bound to be a real nail-biter folks so put the kiddies to bed early.

So there you have it. Long story short: I went completely mad over the winter. But we all go a little mad sometimes, don’t we?


10 thoughts on “Dusting things off.

  1. Someone linked me this video, I watched it, and then looked at the comments, i thought it might be faked, but then I found the same guy saying the same things on RT , what is your take on this? glad to see your blog is back.

    • This is interesting. I mean I’d like to see some proof of these claims of 4 different extraterrestrial races visiting the Earth for millennia but the second half of his speech rings true about the one world government stuff.

  2. Awesome! I keep getting pressure to start my blog again, but I don’t want to deal with all the butthurt nazi’s.

    I said “Fuck it, I’m going to learn how to blow glass”

    If the glassblowing doesn’t work, then I’ll bring out a new, controversial, Left-hand path and polytheism blog. If the glassblowing DOES work….FUCK writing the religion blog, I’m putting one up that’s nothing but super-dank pictures of smoking (fine Pennsylvania tobacco products) out of Rainbow Dash’s ass….

    Bloggers Unite!

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