Prepare yourselves!

Ladies and gentlemen, batten down the hatches: I have it on good authority that Valve’s Steam Summer Sale will be happening next week.

It’s going to be a rough one this year, I can just feel it. The damage to my wallet during the summer sales is almost always catastrophic – often worse than during the Winter Sale because I’m prepared to spend money on gifts at that time of the year. No, a massive week-long sale in June slips in on little cat feet and Dragon Punches you right in the junk like a frightened LARPer. I don’t know how I’m absolutely unequipped on an emotional level to deal with this one.

At any rate, you heard it here first: start stockpiling that cash now. Conversely, hide your credit cards and have someone you trust change your PayPal password on you until the danger is over, and just be thankful that other industries don’t have week-long events like this. Trying to fight your way through Best Buy on Black Friday is bad enough – imagine if it lasted through to December!



2 thoughts on “Prepare yourselves!

    • I’ve already got a ridiculous backlog of PC games, so I’ll need to keep that in mind before I start buying games like they’re going out of style. “But it’s on sale!” is NOT a valid reason. Must keep telling myself that.

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