The sweetest homecoming.

I’ve reunited with my wife and daughter. We have returned home. All is well once more.

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The old stamping grounds.

Well, it’s back on the ol’ highway for us; after a brief detour to celebrate our daughter’s first Rosh Hashanah with the wife’s family tomorrow, we’re heading back down to Long Island for the weekend to bask in the glow of suburbia.

This will of course be a much less traumatic trip than the one we took last week, which involved a grueling 16-hour round trip from North Creek to southeastern Pennsylvania and back.  Instead I’ll get a chance to gorge myself on White Castle sliders.  Have a great weekend!


Mmmm, congestive heart failure.


And there was hail, and fire burning within the hail.

I spent nine and a half hours in the car yesterday coming back from upstate New York.  The trip wasn’t that long because of the distance I had to travel, however; it was the marble-sized hailstones that struck the earth with divine rage that were the problem.

Four of those hours were easily spent crawling through torrential downpours as lightning split the sky and hail dented my hood. Needless to say I’m exhausted and will be using today to recover from the ordeal.  See you all tomorrow!

And swab my poop deck.

Batten down the hatches, matey.

Stage One.

Well, the time has come: we’re packing up the car today and heading off for the weekend.  This time we’ll be venturing up to the wilds of the Adirondack State Park to bring about half a dozen bins up to what will soon be our new home, up near Lake George.  We’re terribly excited!

Lots of pictures will be taken and shared once we’re back on Sunday evening.  Enjoy your weekend!

A bit overpacked are we?

This looks perfectly safe to me.