How to Break Coin Dozer.

Today, I broke the Coin Dozer app. I didn’t even mean to. Not only that, I’m still not sure how it happened.

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Our top geopolitical enemy.

I'd vote for a Swayze/Whoopi Goldberg ticket in 2016.

Patrick Swayze’s Ghost for President!

Well ladies and gentlemen, it turns out that Mitt Romney was right: those crazy Russkies are at it again, and they’re targeting our precious Google Play accounts!  You’re probably looking at me like I’ve just grown an extra head, but it’s absolutely true.  I know this because I saw it on the Internet.

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Calling all hardware sperglords!

So thanks to the incredible generous nature of everyone who came to our wedding, the wife and I are in the market for a tablet – but I need the advice of some fellow tech heads!

The top contender for our money.

Right now the price-versus-performance favorite seems to be the WiFi-only Google Nexus 7, which will lead to much less eye-strain than our little second generation iPod Touch and has the added benefit of being out from the iOS umbrella.  It also blows the Kindle Fire HD out of the water as far as functionality and power for the same general price – at least from everything I’ve read in the course of my research – but I want your opinions before committing to what will be a pretty damn major purchase for us.

And don’t worry, the lion’s share of wedding gifts will go towards saving for the future or purchasing much-needed household items.  This is probably going to be the big “fun” purchase for us, which is why it’s so important to get a good look at what our options are, so let me know your thoughts!

The LG Motion 4G - yea or nay?

I’ve got a hardware hard-on.

On a related note, we’re also looking to possibly purchase a no-contract smartphone in the future too – depending on how the finances go – and we’ve been looking at the LG Motion 4G.  Any of you fine MTV viewers out there have any experience with that particular model or with LG smartphones in general?

What the hell is this Google Play shit?

What the shit is this?

What fresh Hell is this?

So I open up my web browser this evening and I see a big red piece of text screaming “New!” on top of the Google bar.  You might have seen it too, and I’m sure you’re not alone in asking, “what the fuck is this Google Play shit they’re forcing on us now?”

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