Another tiny tragedy.

We have six cats. Except soon we’ll have one less.

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Catnip is a hell of a drug.

I’ve had it with geopolitical backbiting and posturing this week.  Instead, I’m sharing a video of our seven year old Maine Coon mix, Misty, tripping balls on catnip.  Have a great weekend and watch out for those drone strikes!

There’s no vagina in this post, but mentioning got your attention, didn’t it?

Squeeze another few out of there before menopause, will you?

Clown cars are not vaginas – and vice versa.

Somehow, somewhere, I hit 15,000 views over the weekend.  This is obviously due to the fact that I made excessive use of the word “vagina” on Friday, as no other explanation makes any good goddamn sense whatsoever.

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Corporations, like cats, are assholes.

Thanks, Mittens.  We were gonna tell him once he was older.

What an asshole.

Anyone who’s ever owned a cat or two (or three, or four – like potato chips, you can’t seem to just have one) can easily attest to the fact that the lovable little fuzzy bastards can be complete assholes sometimes.  They’ll be happy and affectionate one momentand then right when you turn your head, they’re throwing up on the rug, knocking over expensive antiques, or trying to trip you while you go upstairs, all while flashing you their best “who, me?” look.

Cats are a lot like corporations, aren’t they?  Though instead of shitting on your rug,  they’ll try to fuck you out of as much money as they can.

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