Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father…

I’m still getting used to this whole fatherhood thing, but considering my child seems to be deliriously happy even with a load of shit in her pants I must be doing something right. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

That's not true! That's impossible!


I roll twenties.

That's d4+1 damage per missile.

That's d4+1 damage per missile.

So yesterday I made a dig at live action role players that’s the height of irony, considering I’m the kind of person that can still calculate a THAC0 without a Dungeon Master’s Screen while raiding Molten Core, so I feel the need to make amends.  Not only that, but my fianceé has a sordid LARPing past and a large number of my friends and neighbors in Pennsylvania are heavily into the LARP scene.  Additionally I’m being dragged to my first event in late April, so I figured I’d better get the apology out before I get a blanket party thrown in my honor the first night I’m there. Continue reading