Now we do the Dance of Joy!

Yeah, me neither.

Do you remember the episode where these two fuck finally?

I spent all day on the couch yesterday, slipping in and out of consciousness thanks to a pretty nasty migraine that sneaked up on me and laid me out.  When I finally came to, the television was on:  Balki Bartokomous was busy renovating an old 1840s Greek Revival building half an hour from the Faire Play campsite.

Quicker than you could say What the fuck was in that Excedrin? I realized that no, I hadn’t died in my sleep and ended up slipping through some strange dimensional vortex.  In fact, this show is a real thing.  Yes, Bronson Pinchot buys properties in Harford, Pennsylvania – a stone’s throw from Montrose – and just renovates the fuck out of them.  I swear, I thought I’d seen everything until I remembered this little flash game that I stumbled upon a few months ago.

Enjoy your nightmare fuel.  I know I did.


The migraine sufferer’s prayer.

Oh [insert deity here], please don’t make me throw up tonight.

The room is dark, and silent, and I await Your salvation.  I shall keep vigil this evening, as the Excedrin courses through my veins; grant me the solace of a head free of pain before the sun arises.

In Your name do I suffer.  In Your name do I beg for release.  Please, deliver me from this agony, or slay me before I lose the contents of my stomach.