The old stamping grounds.

Well, it’s back on the ol’ highway for us; after a brief detour to celebrate our daughter’s first Rosh Hashanah with the wife’s family tomorrow, we’re heading back down to Long Island for the weekend to bask in the glow of suburbia.

This will of course be a much less traumatic trip than the one we took last week, which involved a grueling 16-hour round trip from North Creek to southeastern Pennsylvania and back.  Instead I’ll get a chance to gorge myself on White Castle sliders.  Have a great weekend!


Mmmm, congestive heart failure.



Gentlemen, start your engines.

Well, this is it: the final countdown. In two weeks and a few days, we will be moving back to New York!  I’m both elated and terrified at the prospect of uprooting and travelling hundreds of miles to our new home in North Creek; elated at the idea of our beautiful, spacious new home and terrified of having to actually clean out all our crap, throw it away or donate whatever we’re not keeping, and then packing it up at the end of this month.

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Choking on exhaust fumes.

Carbon monoxide: it's what for dinner.

Insert coughing fit here.

Once more the wife and I are off this weekend on a trip down to that fantastically overpriced and overcrowded little slice of suburban New York known as Long Island, and while I will absolutely treasure the time I get to spend with family for the Passover/Easter holidays, I really can’t wait until this shit is over and done with.

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I’m going in; cover me.

Well, this is it, folks: we’re leaving early this morning for New York, as the wedding is this weekend.  Updates will most likely be sparse, considering the next few days are going to be absolutely jam-packed with God knows what.

For those of you who will be there on Sunday, I’m looking forward to raising a glass with you!  For anyone who couldn’t make it, know that you’ll be in our thoughts – and for all of you that we wanted to invite but couldn’t afford to, know that in a perfect world you’d all be coming this weekend, regardless of hurricanes, nor’easters, or whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at us.